Vintage Reviews

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I can only give a very rough overview, as it emerges from various sources and my own limited experience. Notice, also that the quality of a vintage is often measured by the amounts of top levels of ripeness achieved in that vintage.

2014 very good, especially Spatlese
2013 bad, difficult year, lots of rot
2012 fair, rainy, high acid
2011 very good, ripe, healthy grapes with good acidity
2010 fair, very high acidity
2009 good, drink now, some good ones
2008 good, cool, wet summer, saved by warm Sept. & Oct.
2007 very good, wet August, cold September & October
2006 bad, difficult year, lots of rot, some highlights
2005 great, Glorious Sept. & Oct., very ripe, botrytis, good acidity
2004 good, healthy grapes with good acidity, great Eiswein
2003 great, Glorious, very ripe, some botrytis,
2002 good, watered down by wet autumn
2001 very good, Rainy Sept. saved by glorious October
2000 bad difficult year, lots of rot, some highlights
1999 good soft and forward wines for early enjoyment
1998 very good, esp. for Kabinetts and Spl., great Eiswein
1997 very good, very ripe, soft, fruity, forward wines
1996 very good, ripe, healthy grapes with good acidity
1995 variable difficult uneven year, superb in MSR
1994 very good, high acidity and much botrytis, many TBA's
1993 very good, excellent ageworthy wines, great in the Saar
1992 good, maturing quickly, often too soft, with highlights
1991 fair, high acidity should make them last for some time
1990 great a classic year throughout, racy, for long keeping
1989 very good, too soft and early maturing for greatness
1988 very good, often unfairly overshadowed by 89, keeping well
1987 fair, drink now
1986 fair, drink now, some good ones
1985 good, some vg MSR Rieslings now highly enjoyable
1984 bad, some QbAs can surprise
1983 very good, mostly at their peak or declining, great Eiswein
1976 very good, not keeping too well, often lacking acidity
1975 very good, lasting better than '76, less botrytis, better balance
1971 great, classic year, keeping very well
1964 very good, the best should be still vg
1959 great, almost as great as '53, some legendary TBAs
1953 great, according to some the best vintage of the century
1921 great, some legendary wines, like Thanisch's B.'er Doctor TBA