Weingut Steinbach-Leyendecker Erben

The Leyendecker family has been making wine in Graach and Piesport for more than 260 years. The Leyendecker estate, which was named for its founder Wilhelm Leyendecker (1713-1775), is one of the exceptional growers in Germany. In 1968 Christa Leyendecker married Nikolaus Steinbach and in 1970 the estate officially changed its name. Quality is always the focus at this estate and quantity is extremely limited. Currently son Robert maintains the winery, with an uncompromising standard in quality winemaking. The estate owns 12.5 acres planted in 100% Riesling grapes. They are located in the #1  (Grand Cru) vineyards, and the average age of the vines is 25 years old. They are aligned exclusively to the south, in the Graacher Himmelreich, the Graacher Domprobst, the Piesporter Goldtröpfchen and the Piesporter Domherr. These very steep vineyards, with grades up to 70%, are planted on slate rock and are among the most difficult vineyard sites in the world to cultivate. Like "solar collectors," they too are extremely efficient in absorbing every available ray of sunshine. Hence, even in the off vintages, the wines from these vineyards are usually successful. Steinbach-Leyendecker wines are among some of the most exciting and delicious Riesling wines from the Middle-Mosel. Because of careful, selective harvesting, minimal manipulation and a long, slow, temperature controlled fermentation; Steinbach-Leyendecker wines are known for their longevity and slow development. They possess full-flavored pure fruit and piquant spiciness that are characteristic of Mosel wines. From the distinctively light Kabinetts, to the rich and harmonious Spätlese, to the succulent Auslese and the noble late harvest wines, this producer and region make some of the most unforgettable wines in Germany. The Steinbach-Leyendecker estate has achieved outstanding results, and over the years its wines have been awarded numerous gold and silver medals.